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Our Story




Hand-crafted ‟Urbane Resort” themed collections feature exquisite textures, patterns, and colors echoing beautiful, exotic places around the world. We create a unique chic paradise and translate it into wearable art that is fashionable for every day.

We are obsessed with the small details. We handpick rare gemstones from all over the world, and the designer and our artisans incorporate high quality Japanese cylinder seed beads to create pieces with patterns and colors like no other. Each hand-crafted piece has its own story to tell, and a wondrous place to take you. 


We are inspired by where we have been, where we are today, and what we love. We love beaches, nature and a unique combination of urbane coastal living. The warm breezes, the bright colors and clear sunlight of a tropical beach vacation, the artistry and refined craftsmanship of ancient Japan, and the modern chic of New York - this is what inspires us, and what defines the KUI brand. 


“KUI Colour” is the expression of colors, patterns, and textures of our creations echoing a warm tropical beach vacation; the casual yet refined ambiance resonates.

We want you to experience that same relaxed, happy and lively feeling when you wear KUI jewelry. It sets you free, giving you the feeling that anything is possible, dreams can be made even in the concrete jungle. Through KUI Colour, we share our inspiration and our happiness with you, wherever you may be.


Yuko Ueda Groupp
Creates color and full-texture artworks that represents nature and the spirit of life. A graphic designer for retail.

Ai Ito Keayes
Her successful career in Global Business Development offered opportunities for her to meet innovative creators with worldly aspirations. Fascinated by their amazing designs, philosophies, and products, she realized that she is passionate about creating something influential. She creates a new brand identity by fusing cultures and connecting countries.

Love For Nature

We love the sun, sea, beach, breeze, and nature. Mother Nature is our inspiration. We cannot create anything without her. We pledge to respect Mother Nature and to give back to her as each piece is created.


We are focused on sustainability.
We find recycled materials and alternatives to natural resources whenever we can.


A portion of our proceeds directly support our mission and benefits The Nature Conservancy.